❝In a world of french fries... I like french fries... With ketchup...❞

❝You say I'm dirty minded... But how did you know what I was even thinking???❞

❝I'm like a cuddly bear... Who will bite you if you fucked up...❞

❝Insane? How rude of you. I prefer the term, mentally creative!❞


Yo! So you got curious and went to this profile to maybe check it out, huh?

Or maybe you just accidentally pushed this profile...

Probably the second one, lmao.

But it would be cool if you "accidentally" pushed the follow button though...





Heya there kid, since you're here, wanna know some facts about me?

Cool, just continue reading below!



⟪ . . . ⟫

⟪Transmission starts...⟫

『P R O F I L E』

➳NAME: Haru Hitoshi



➳AGE: -

➳BIRTH DATE: 05/01/-

➳LIKES: Books║ Anime║ Manga║ Music║ J-pop║ Art║ Food║ Chocolates║ Friends║ Coffee║ Yaoi║ Seme Male Reader║ Undertale║ BATIM║ FNAF║ Animals║ YouTube║ More.

➳DISLIKES: Cringy Books║ Mary/Gary Sue Characters║ Specific Books║ Sluts║ Fake Barbie Bitches║ Pricks║ Fake Fans║ Uke Male Reader║ More.

➳DERE TYPE: Yandere/Tsundere/Dandere

➳PERSONALITY: Easily annoyed and very stubborn║ VERY possessive of their companions and would kill anyone who dares to make their companions cry║ Very caring and would do stupid things to make their companions happy║ Bipolar and VERY sadistic at times║ Will do random shit if they wanted too║ Sarcastic if annoyed or to people they don't like║ Finds anytime to joke around║ Will probably murder someone, at least ten times a day║ Etc.


Gay Bae= @SodaPopWrites
Waifu= Mathew
Son[s]= Kai, James & Ken
Relative That Nobody Gives A Shit About= Tyler


⟪Transmission ends...⟫

『U P D A T E S C H E D U L E』

1-3 chapters on any of their book in a week...
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