Hey everyone! I'm Sara
I am a huge book person. I love to read.
I love all kinds of music, literally, but my favorite band is Linkin Park <3
I love my friends and my family (most of the time) though sometimes i still believe the saying "Friends are God's apology for family."

Random Facts:
The only pets I've had are fish that die in two days and birds that hated me ... then died
I never knew how to make popcorn. I always burned it until I found the popcorn button on the microwave.
I love sports. (watching them more than playing them)
I love chocolate cake
I'm an only child
I hate homework
I don't like light or day time. I like the dark.
My friends think I'm a vampire
I have a tendency to be sarcastic
I wish I had a dog
I'm Lebanese Mexican American
I play the piano
I wish I played the guitar
I'm a photographer
I love Van Gogh
I'm addicted to the Percy Jackson series and the Sevenwaters series
I've read both series at least 7 times
I don't have a favorite song. I like too many
I try to be open-minded
I love and hate people at the same time
I show affection by criticizing (sometimes)
I love the cold
I believe in Bigfoot
I almost always have a song in my head
My favorite authors are Juliet Marillier, Tamora Pierce, Rick Riordan, and a few others

That's about it. Thanks for taking the time to read this even though I'm sure it was a complete waste of time.

Be sure to check out three of my friends here on wattpad:
detectiveblu, mariposa99, and ConcreteRose. Their stuff is amazing!
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@detectiveblu that's a lie. 
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