My name is

( ) Alexander Hamilton.
( ) Connor, the android sent by CyberLife.
( ) Ego. I'm your dad, Peter.
(✔) Faith.

The timezone I live in is Mountain Time, so if you live in a different timezone, please don't get too confused.

I have 12 ocs so far. All but two are from Wings of Fire.

Freya: My Marvel oc. The only human oc in this crazy house.
Shade: My Sonic oc. She's a floofy bean :3
*The following ocs are all from Wings of Fire*
Amber: My MudWing oc
Scorpion: My SandWing oc
Sunrise: My SkyWing oc
Sapphire: My SeaWing oc
Iridescent: My RainWing oc
Frost: My IceWing oc
Starreader: My NightWing oc
Vespa: My HiveWing oc
Amethyst: My SilkWing oc
Autumn: My LeafWing oc

My fandoms are:
Sonic (Not as into it as much as I used to be - sorry, Shade!)
WoF (A DEFINITE must read! It's so good owo)
KotLC (Keeper of the Lost Cities. It's a DAMN good series)

Bye for now, my squad.
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