If you knew me in real life, you would either hate me or be my bestie. That's usually how it works because my friends and I are THE LIVING EMBODIMENTS OF HELL. So, yeah. My favourite oc, Shade, is kind of meant to be my counterpart. The peaceful one that would rather negotiate than have a war begin, even with her worst enemies. Wattpad is usually my retreat from reality, what with my grandparents (mostly grandmother) screaming at me to do something, school, you get it. It's nice having somewhere where I can just forget about my real life for a bit and act out the life of Shade. If you don't know that much about Shade, go check an rp. I'm not going to write down EVERY. FUCKING. WORD. OF HER CHARACTER DESCRIPTION. GOODDAY, SIR/MA'AM. Sorry. I have quite the... how do I describe it? Aggressive personality. I'm also known to swear quite a bit. Have a WONDERFUL LIFE!

Mai Wattpad family

Mom- @CeCe-Raven

Sisters- @LoneWolf2005, @Multiversal_Empress


Aunts- @PayPhoneShipper123

Friends- @Twister_Prower @Ilona_the_doggygirl @TheDragonsFriend @thatawkwardfangirl03 and many more
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