I am Cassi. I love drawing. In my free time, I usually talk to friends, Read books, listen to a lot of music, oh and did I mention how I like to draw?
My favorite game is Devil May Cry. My favorite character on that game is Vergil.

My Greatest intrests:
Assassin's Creed 4
Oh and Vergil.

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Shadow6 Shadow6 Jul 09, 2015 02:52PM
      Thank you! I really enjoy writing these books! 
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Sempiternal (Devil may Cry Book 3)

Social data: 828 reads. 57 votes. 25 comments.

Description: Book 3 to Immortals. With the Demon Kings eliminated, the world is free from their horrible rule. Now, in order to keep the Humans safe, Cassi must travel across the world with the Nephilim to destroy the dem...


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Mortals (Devil may Cry book 2)

Mortals (Devil may Cry book 2)

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Mundus is dead. That's all that matters, right? Guess not. Cassi soon discovers that Mundus secretly sir...

Immortals (Devil may Cry)

Immortals (Devil may Cry)

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Vergil Sparda. A Nephilim. Half angel, half demon. And the only reason I exist. He has a brother named D...