Oh, hello there welcome, welcome to my newly designed ‘about me’ section. I thought after having the same one for the past 4 years it had to be revamped somewhat. 

Ah now that I’m back into the rambling stage of this lettuce begin. ← I am hilarious as you can tell. I’m like really old as I turned 19 last month but I still act like a 5 year old at times. I’m a bit of a crazy cat boi as I have 5 cats, personally think I love them more than people.

Socially awkward and basically an society outcast. I’m very rambly and often say the stupidest things, so please be nice :3

(ps. I’ll be adding to this when I can think about what else to sayyy)

smile.or.die xx Andy

║██║♫Paste this on
║██║♫your page if♫
║(O)║ ♫you love♫

♂ + ♂ = ♥
♀ + ♀ = ♥
♀ + ♂ = ♥

_♥__♥_____♥__♥___ Put This
_♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ Heart
_♥______♥______♥__ On Your
__♥_____/______♥__ Page
___♥____\_____♥__ If you have
____♥___/___♥_____ Lost Someone
______♥_\_♥_______ That You
________♥_________ Loved Ever Ever Ever So Much
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    In space so no one can feel/see/hear my pain </3
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    May 16, 2011 06:07AM
SexyPokemonTrainer SexyPokemonTrainer Nov 03, 2015 12:12PM
Thinking to rewrite Don't Leave Me Ever, revamp it and change some stuff as it's annoying me that it could be SOOO much better + continue of Promise Me with the new changes... Thoughts? <3
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