Wassup Wattpad?
The lazy mofo's are back and it appears a lot of shit has changed around here.
I'm Hayden, and this is Jayden, and we're the sexy Aidens ;) 'n' we're aussie ;)

So it's been a while since we got on here eh, some say 9 (you could get someone pregnant in that time) some say 4 either way its a whole fukin lot.
To the 527 personal messages, we'll get to you, please be patient.
To all those reading requests - we'll get to you as well.
Cheers for fanning us, if anyone wants a fan back just message us and we shall.
For a story like most have requested - sorry chicca we cant write to save our fucking asses.

Jay -
This fuker is uptight about bed times, if you're awake on 1 am just don't tell him
He's taken by a motherfucking fuck, hope shes not the same fukin psycho bitch like last time, she sneaked into the dorm room, talk about fuked up bitch

As you can tell im the cooler, sexier and smarted one
Nearly taken as well, she wants me, she just wont admit it ;)
I wouldn't hide any shit from me, i can read you like an open book, ask those who i have done ;) Anchovies and Kells
Turning these :( upside down since 1993 ;)
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SexyAidens SexyAidens Jun 09, 2013 08:29AM
@ssu332 Nothing much, yourself babe?
@MomentsLapseInTime There's plenty of us, wanna help us take over ;)
@Cosplaygirl1990fan Aww so sorry to hear that little one,
@SakTheNun Maybe its in fashion? ;)...
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