Happy New Year everyone! 
          	I hope 2020 if filled with love, success and happiness ♡  


@SeraphinaMontez Happy New Year ❤️


Hi Seraphina, hope you doing well?
          Please let us know when and where Bumpy Ride will be published! The concept and story line was very captivating and hard to forget.
          Its one of the books on my must read list!


I love your stories btw. And I'm excited to read Bumpy Ride. Those stories from the one shots are so cool. My fav was the Shy Mafia


Oooo...I know a good a zombie story if you wanna read one. Or maybe you read it already. The author herself have other zombie books too though I can't read them coz they're paid stories. "Virus Within" is a zombie book. Kind of different from other books. Why? Instead of fighting zombies, the mc herself is a zombie. It's really cool. I read your biography part there and thought I could share this to you. 


Hi sorry to be a pain but are you putting bumpy ride up I read it year’s aglow but it wasn’t finished at the time can you put it up please 


Will Submissive Escort be completed? I feel that it has great potential and I'd love to see a continuation.


What happened to the Daddy one shot? I noticed that chapter 1 and chapter 6 are kissing from that book? Are you ever going to put them back up? I really enjoyed that one and come back to reread it frequently but its no longer there? 


Missing* not kissing! Sorry 


Am really sorry for what I said. I just didn’t like the book ended that’s all. I am sorry if I hurt you with my words. It was very rude of me