Now, how do I start this shit? Because let me tell you, there is a lot of randomness in me!

♥ I guess you'd want to know my name, it’s Semra

♥ I’m twenty-one

♥ My favorite color is green and black (no wait, black doesn’t count as a color, right? Just green then)

♥ That brunette in the picture that looks like a weirdo is definitely me. My mirror says so!

♥ I’m a weirdo (but you’ll learn to deal with it if you get to know me (; )

♥ I like funny people (so if you're funny, talk to me !!)

♥ Currently single (not about to change anytime soon. I suck at dealing with guys)

♥I'm afraid of clowns, I'm not kidding

♥ I like being creative, I like drawing, writing whatever and I admire every other creative person in this messed up world :)

♥ I usually like all kinds of music. But lately new music isn't all that great, so I stick with my bands.

♥ Mah favourites: Mayday parade, the scripts, All time low, The MAINE <3 Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Good Charlotte!! Daughtry, Nickleback, Parachute, sum 41, simple plan and so much more :D

♥ I'm open for new things, but I'll draw the line when it goes too far.

♥ If for some crazy reason I don't like you, YOU WILL KNOW.

♥ I love meeting new people, no matter where they're from.

♥ I love my friends to no end. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them <3

♥ I use the word dude for everything. Male, female, animal, chair, table.... everything

♥ I dig the unicorns and raibows.

♥ I want to skydive or try out bunjee jumping (is that how you write it? O.o) at least once in my life!

♥ I want to get a lapdance from a really handsome guy! (is that to much to ask?)

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not sure if you guys are still interested, but as you can see, I posted a new chapter on 'The list' hope you'll check it out and leave some feedback. Cheers