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29th September, 844!
          Today, with sadness, I as the descendant of the Ottomans, proclaim the anniversary of the Umayyad fall of Al-Andalus, Seville and the Islamic Spain. Our hearts yearn for the lofty status of the scholars from Cordoba. 
          May Allah have mercy upon Al-Umawiyun wal-Almorabiutun wal-Almohadiyun (The Ummayads, Almoravids and al-Almohads). May Allah have his mercy upon the Ummayad Emir, Al-Hakam Ibn Al-Hisham Ibn Mu'awiyah Ibn Hisham ibn Abdul-Malik Ibn Marwan Ibn Al-Hakam Ibn Abu-Al-A'as Ibn Ummayah Ibn Abd-Shams ibn Abdi-Manaf! 
          الإمام أبي البقاء الرندي رحمة الله واسعة قال: 
          (Al-Imam Abil-Baq'a Al-Ründiyeh said: )
          لكل شيء إذ ما تم نقصان 
          فلا يغر بطيب العيش انسان 
          (Everything declines after reaching a certain limit. Therefore let no man be pleased with this pleasant life)
          هي الأمور كما شاهدتها دول 
          من سرة زمن ساءتة ازمان 
          (These matters keep changing, as you witness. 
          The one moment of happiness is harmed by many other sad moments)
          وهذي الدار لا تبقي على احد 
          ولا يدوم على حال لها شأن 
          (This abode (the world) doesn't have mercy upon anyone.
          No man can escape it)
          يمزق الدهر حتما كل سابقة 
          وإذ نبت مشرفيات وخرصان  
          (The time has irreversibly destroyed our (Andalusian) shield..
          Even though Al-Mushrafiyat (Valencian) swords glanced off without effect) 
          أن الله لناصر المتقين!
          (Inn-Allaha Lanasirul-Muttaqin: And Indeed, Allah aids the Muttaqin!
          (Was-Salam: and peace!)


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