Internet entrepreneur Scott O Hirsch is from the United States. In 1992, he launched his first online business, selling contact lenses and other things. In 1998, when he created eDirect, he entered the commercial email marketing industry. Hirsch launched Relation Serve Media in 2004, an interactive advertising firm with a focus on email marketing.

Hirsch co-founded Appsbar Inc. in 2009,[1] a company that enables customers to create their own apps. He presently oversees Appsbar and manages boxing. Additionally, Scott is a writer and a consistent contributor to Huffington Post.

When Scott O. Hirsch launched eDirect, which eventually merged with Naviant in 2002, he entered the commercial email marketing industry (often known as the spam game). Hirsch reportedly sold Naviant to consumer credit juggernaut Equifax[17] for an astounding $135,000,000, according to Time[16]. In the field of Internet direct marketing, the united company Naviant rose to prominence. After introducing the idea of email data appending ("e-pending") to postal lists, Naviant went on to be a pioneer in online registration trends.
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