I'm that famous author everyone's talking about ;) you know...I...I wrote that angel fan fic...it...it was a Brallon, you've heard of it...right?

Anyway, something about lil ol me...

My name is Theo,
I am 15.
All my rhymes,
Are totally mean.

...okay, that wasn't the best way to explain that...

Um *cough* hello, I'm Theo, or Theodore, or...Ted? That's a thing, right? I dunno, but that's not important. I'm a sophomore YEAH BOIIIIII and vv ignored at school but it's fine cause I'm a big boy i can take it ;) I write fan fic, but there is zero character development so if you came here for the plot, bye bye c:

I actually think my most read story is "Spam." Which is my rant book, although I don't do a lot of rants.

I currently have two Brallon fics, a Scomiche, and a Frerard up and running, and they all have horribly slow updates, but it'd be cool if you checked them out anyway.

Okay, on to my peeps!!

I got looooads of friends on Wattpad...I think...but anyway, here:

@SmehMek ((profile pic artist))

If I left you out I'm SORRYYYYY I'm just shit at remembering usernames.

Read my shit?

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Scomichetori Scomichetori Mar 11, 2017 05:20AM
Working on the next chapter of Hallelujah. Once I have that published I'll move to working on the next chapter of BSLBDC, sorry for the long-ass wait!!
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Spam. by Scomichetori
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ok but i finally made one of these holy shite
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