It's Easter and besides eating my body weight in chocolate I decided to write two new chapters....and I've just uploaded one of them! 


Please start writing again I'm crying in math because runner isn't finished and you haven't posted in a year and a half


I'm in love with your book Runner. I'm in the process of writing my own book, and was wondering how you make your covers. Your covers are amazing!


Hey just quick question I've recently started reading your book 'Runner' it's amazing and love every single bit of it but I've gotten up to chapter twelve part two is there a part one or Is that just one chapter??


That's right people she finallllllllllly did it!
          RUNNER is officially UPDATED!
          Read it here:
          And find out whats happened back at the Collective in the wake of Asher's abduction.


@Scarlett_Hearts Whoa, that's exciting!  I won't be able to read it, probably until sometime later today.  But that gives me something to look forward to.  Welcome back!


i reeaaly hope you're not dead, i've been really hoping that you could update "Runner" soon it's all i can think about it's truly amazing :)


@bumxmardy  not dead just totally lost my wattpad/writing/runner mojo for a while there...but it's back and so is an update. Hope you enjoy x