28 days. 6 hours. 42 minutes. 12 seconds. 

My name is Scarlett. I am 15 years old and I have four concepts to thank for that: Green Day, MCR, John Connor and Kurt Cobain.

I like sci-fi tv, Yamaha Pacificas, 70s punk, chainsaw massacres, anime, converse, Doc Martens, purple, dystopian societies, the Japanese, sarcastic comments, Sid Vicious, Kurt, liquid eyeliner, bunnies called Frank, classic novels, hipster glasses, cats, profiteroles, terrorist attacks and chocolate truffles.

I write really fucked up shit. Like, seriously retarded. Read it if you like but be warned...there may be dragons.

By the way, if it looks like I'm taking the piss I probably am. If you don't like to laugh at yourself I'll be happy to do it for you.

A famous linguist once said that out of all the endless combinations of words Cellar Door is the most beautiful.
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