Hi. and thanks for checking out my modest publication page here on Wattpad. I go by Saxon Macleod here, and I am an author of Young Adult fiction. Make no mistake though, I DO NOT WRITE FAN FICTION. I refuse to assume that I know another author's works, or have the same intimate connections with those characters as their creators. Instead, I focus more on the darker, real aspects of our existential journeys here on earth. 
My stories usually deal with the abuse, depression, anger, and inner torment of the protagonists and how they struggle to overcome it. If you're looking for super-happy feel-good-big-sparkly-anime-eyes type of writing...*You're in the wrong place* My stories are personal journeys of battling your inner demons. Not cuddling with them.

That said I'm old for this crowd, but hey, this is the audience I write for, and when you make swords for the Romans, you go to where the Romans are. I'm married, have two kids, an old, grumpy dog, and a brooding, probably homicidal cat in good old Alberta, Canada. When not running around as a salesman, or being a parent and husband, (All full time jobs, by the way) I enjoy writing when I can, painting, and observing wild animals.
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SaxonMacleod SaxonMacleod Jan 31, 2016 11:58PM
It's been three years.
            Three long years since I last graced this page. In those years, I've dealt with a tremendous amount of personal problems and managed to claw my way back to a state in which I...
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The Dogs Of War

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Description: A friend of mine asked me to write a furry story for Remembrance Day. So I came up with this. Relo is a war vet whose attitude towards war and combat has changed, with good reason.

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