Lover of all things creative. 
Been fairly busy with my University studies hence the yearly hiatus.
Trying to rekindle my works, but will take time.
Regretting that I left the community for so long.
Thankful for all the welcome backs.
Y'all are awesome!
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His Bite is the Sweetest Poison

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Description: Allison has just moved to Rose Valley to get away from all of the painful memories of her past. Nothing much goes on in Rose Valley so she feels right at home. One day she’s exploring the town when she runs across a bar called The Crimson Moon, but...

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Escape into your Dreams

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Saudsters commented on A Mute Rejected Mate - Uneasy

She nods and smiles at me. "You're going to eat?" her smiles falters a bit. She stares at me for a couple of minutes before nodding. "You'll go outside?" she rolls her eyes and nods. "You'll forgive...
Im actually surprised I made it this far through this. What you are portraying is an abusive relationship. What, are they suppose to live happily ever after. You are telling young, impressionable girls that if their significant other beats them, that's okay, because they love them. Let me guess how this will end, she gets afraid again and because he can't put up with it he hits her, but this time he hits her too hard and kills her. Then he will be all sad that he lost his mate and blame himself but then he will come to realize it was all her fault because she was the one who wouldn't change  to fit his life and then he will be glad she's dead because now he can finally get his work done. Bravo, what an ending that will make. Now if they do live happily ever after I guess she will just have to accept that instead of a whole pack beating her only her mate will. Which doesn't mean she is saved, just that she s trapped. I would honestly like to know if the author would like to be in a relationship where their significant other beat you anytime he "lost control" of his emotions and blamed it on something else.