"I'm only a heartless bitch because you stole my heart, now it's my turn to steal yours."

I am 5.2 feet tall and a certified hopeless romantic. I love books, manga, anime, movies, and food! I also tend to fall in love with fictional characters REALLY fast. And I can be an angel to my friends and a bitch to my enemies.

Fun fact: This is already my fifth account since the other three were reported by users who can't handle the real me and other one is my original account which holds a lot of memories that I cannot afford to lose. This account is for fangirling and bitching around only...

My best friend is @SneakyBlondeBastard

My master is @930-Chocoholic-930

My fellow chatterbox is @The11thRival

My quiet friend is @NeoArcanus

Mess with one of them, and you'd get a firsthand experience of Ashley's ala Bitchiness :)
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Story by Ashley Heart
THANK YOU SO MUCH! by SassyBlondeBitchX
Despite knowing the fact that I can be a bit bitchy and moody at times, I want to thank all those who still a...
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