*Taps mic*

*clears throat*

》"You stand for nothing Burr, what'll you fall for."

》YURI ON ICE *tries to do cool as ice skating move*


*tries to act cool and slowly gets back into the trashcan*

》 My life revolves around internet, internet and well internet?

》Sarcasm is my soul mate.

》My friends call me socially awkward, so kinda am a social causality. I'm a reject yuss. (Don't ask)

》Currently in a relationship with...Food, side tracking with Wifi and cheating on both of 'em with my Bed

》 I love music, I mostly prefer uh.. Gah I just like songs with good beats and lyrics.

》 *way too many youtubers*

》 Some artists I listen to are - One Direction, 5SOS, Green day, Fall out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Panic!, cool anime theme songs

》 Hunger Games, TIFOS, Divergent, Harry Potter, Paper Towns, Maximum Ride, Trylle, etc.

》Anime. Anime. AnIME-

-Death nOte
- Attack On Titan
-Sword Art Online
-Food wars (shokugeki no souma)
- Toradora!
-Tokyo Ghoul
- Free!
- Yuri!!! on ice

》If you want me to read any of your books, then okay let me know! It is not annoying, and I may give a little tips, who knows?

》 Things I crave, need, want-

!Art tools!

Thanks for reading about stupid me! (Wow you actually read all that? Good, you are appreciated)


*Munches on Double Chocolate Ice Cream Cookies with chocolate chips, vanilla flakes* Hope that made your mouth water.


♡Thank you!!♡
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