Welcome to my profile......you can leave now......exit to the left<<<<<<<

If your still on my profile and reading this then here's some things about me:

•I am extremely sarcastic, witty and bitchy

•I have a short temper and i tend to get really angry fast and either punch whatever is close to me or just silently fume and piss everyone around me off to make myself feel better

•I am also brutally honest so if you cant handle the truth or being told something straight then dont even bother speaking to me because i will probably just end up telling you something and upsetting you

•I have what people call a dark or crude sense of humour

•I prefer to hang out with guys instead of girls because they are not a walking talking bag of emotions and they actually get my sense of humour and they don't care what i say or do and they don't get offended if i tell them something straight up unlike girls who just start shît over nothing and cause nothing but fücking drama (btw i am a girl and have nothing against people who only have girl friends or anything like that, this is just my opinion so if you don't like it or agree with it then the exit is to the left so you know where to fuçk off too)

•I also have a slight obsession with wolves so if you get me anything wolf related you will become my new favourite person

Okay now that you have stalked my profile and read up to this point i'd like if you would kindly fück off now

EXIT TO THE LEFT<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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