Okay so I don't know what to say in these things. But I'll start with my likes and dislikes.

Poking things with a stick
You ;P
random quotes
my bestfriends

people who think they're better than me when they're not
people who lie to me
the cold

and by the the way if you fan me i always fan back :)

i get board too easily so if you wanna talk i always reply and if your only here to hate on my storys then go ahead cuz' haterz only make me stronger !!!

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    with my beasties
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SarcasmsMyMiddleName SarcasmsMyMiddleName Dec 10, 2011 10:50PM
no probs:)
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Me why would i do that? it was more likey you!

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Description: Milly and LJ live with their aunt Tasha in sunny Callifornia. LJ's always causing trouble and Milly always bailing her out, literly! That is untill they find out the truth about their mum and their world gets...


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Entwined fate

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