Hi everyone! Confessions of a Mormon Bride has been added to the Wattpad reading list Secret Lives of Americans. There are some awesome stories on this reading list. Be sure to check it out!


Hi sister!     i got curious 'bout the story confession of a mormon bride?  Then i visited your profile i was like  "oooh! Myy gulay she's a mormon"haha . i'm just so happy and surprise meeting an LDS here in wattpad so unexpected ooh by the way po i am a mormon! I know it i live it i love it!  Hope we can be friends po!  Im 18 years old from Philippines.


@sampotz017 Haha! Yeah, there are tons of Mormons on Wattpad!


Hi sarah .. btw im a fan of yours .. just wanna let you know that im always waiting for the Almost Gone story to be finished.. 
          Your writings made me love reading long stories 
          . Hope your doing fine as well as your loving family  .. ☺☺☺☺


@CrisAsinas Thank you for your compliments! Unfortunately, I don't have plans to work on Almost Gone any time soon. Ugh, I'm the worst! But I hope to post a new project I've been working on soon.


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in case u need a cover fr ur new book . pls message me . i will gladly make one fr u ! 

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