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Well, I'm 19 years old, in college, getting basic classes out of the way so I can focus on what I really love: writing! It's always been my favorite thing to do, and I hope to make a career out of it someday!
I also spend my time reading as much as I can and learning from other authors, playing piano (the other love of my life besides writing!), hanging out with my crazy awesome friends, trying to get in shape (a lot easier said than done), and just doing whatever fool thing pops into my head!

As of now I have 2 stories here on wattpad, the first and most popular being From Shadows to Starlight. It's a Phantom of the Opera fanfic, but I've really put a lot of effort into it, trying to make it enjoyable to people who aren't obsessed with the movie and show like I am. Even my friends who are totally NOT "phans" enjoy it! So I hope you'll come check it out! I also have a play that was my final project for a college English class. It's called A Gentleman True and has a lot of elements from Shakespeare, Greek mythology, and fairy tales. Like From Shadows to Starlight this story is very close to my heart, so I hope you'll take the time to read what I have written so far!
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SarahKatheryn SarahKatheryn Aug 15, 2013 03:44AM
@Facelessness Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about taking forever! A lot of times when I'm close to finishing a writing project, I get really stuck! I've just gotten back from a long vacation and I am wor...
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From Shadows to Starlight

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Description: In 19th century France, a journey begins. He's a mysterious artist and composer who hides his past--and his face--from the world. She's a small-town girl with a broken home. When Alana meets Erik, the former P...


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A Gentleman True

A Gentleman True

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Long ago in a faraway land, Princess Adelaide eagerly anticipates her wedding, but her fiancee's dark si...


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