Film addict, cake-loving, Disney-obsessed whirlwind. 40% dreamer, 40% geek and 20% stalker. Teenologist, Futurist, Speaker, Writer, Teen Expert.

I guess this is the part where I should tell you about my TV appearances, my books and my TV show that went around the world, the thousands of teens that I have helped and while I am proud of all that, I feel much more compelled to talk to you about cats and my kids – is that wrong?

I am a film addict, cake-loving, Disney-obsessed whirlwind (here one minute gone the next). I spend my day stalking teens, thinking about the future, stalking more teens, speaking, writing, coaching, and thinking about the future some more and getting geekily obsessed with new technology or a new breakthrough concept. So I guess you could say I am 40% dreamer, 40% geek and 20% stalker, but that hardly seems right now does it! Anyway, I digress. I am immersed in the world of teenagers; I feel honoured everyday that they let me into their lives. I hang with them, coach them, talk about them and change the world with them, all the while remembering my misspent 80’s youth. I am obsessed with the future, the next generation and how the youth of today that are shaping the future of tomorrow.

All my life I have been different; my first job was at Disney World and my last as a police officer in the Met. I have constantly been motivated by helping young people do and be better and I am obsessed with talent and genius, you know that spark within us all. Keeping criminals on the straight and narrow keeps me awake at night.

My days are now spent making sure young people reach for “infinity and beyond” by making better decisions, helping organisations to adapt to the ever-changing youth and helping youth professionals reach their market in innovative, thought-provoking ways. I do this by speaking (sometimes in superhero outfits), modelling great shoes, coaching like a ninja and genuinely feeding cake to anyone who sits within reaching distance.
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