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my biggest pet peeve when it comes to wattpad books is the overdone annoying cliché of the playboy/player/manwhore or whatever you want to call them paired up with the innocent virgin. AND cheating. I leave a book as soon as someone cheats.

Imma go on a little rant...

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to slut-shame men who sleep around a lot like how most wattpad guys do. Or trying to belittle girls who are virgins but I just think it's really unfair how the guys always have sooo much experience and how random past hook-ups or random girls keep trying to stir-up some shit while the main virgin girl is just sitting there taking the drama that the guy she has to put up with, brought!

And it doesn't always happen.

But since "players" are used to flirting and sleeping with a hundred different girls. It's hard for them to break that habit which results in them cheating on the main girl. It's heartbreaking to read. At least for me it is.

Which is why I prefer to read books with virgin male leads. It just involves less drama and heartbreak in comparison to books with "experienced" male leads.

So if you feel the same way that I do. Then go check out my reading lists! Btw I only added books that were my personal favourites. But there's tons of more virgin male leads books out there so if you want more then go check out these following accounts reading lists:







(Oh and I'm sure you can tell that I absolutely LOVE sister/overprotective brothers books. I think they're really cute and I love reading them which is why I also made a list with my personal favourites of them! Check it out if you want)

Okay, sorry about my long ass bio! I'm done now hehe
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