Well, obviously I like to write. I may not be the best at it, but I love sitting in school, bored out of my mind, and getting lost in my daydreaming. I like to imagine myself as the main character sometimes. :) I always feel a special connection with my characters. So I try to put lots of emotion and what not into them. 
Aside from that, I love to play the piano, and occasionally the guitar. My favorite colors together are pink and brown and blue and brown. I've got two cats. They're lazy, but adorable. And quite pushy when they're hungry. I am a dog fan, though I don't have one. It's my dream to get a baby golden retriever when I'm first married and have it grow up with my family.
It's also my dream to get one of my books published. Lets see......not much else to say, but please read my books and give me your feedback. I'm in the process of editing "The Yellow Door" right now so your feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Ever read "Entwined"? By: Heather Dixon? I have! It's super amazing! The author used to be my piano teacher! She was awesome!

My Goals:
Get 100 reads on one book [X]
Get 1,000 reads on one book [X]
Get 5,000 reads on one book [ ]
Get 10,000 reads on one book [ ]
Get 10 fans [X]
Get 50 fans [ ]
Get 100 fans [ ]
Get 10 votes [X]
Get 50 votes [X]
Get 100 votes [X]
Get 500 votes [ ]
Get 1,000 votes [ ]

A challenge for you:
Do you want to help me reach all of my goals? All you have to do is comment, vote or read my stories. Only vote if you like it. :) I accept critiques and comments. If perhaps say, you're the 100th fan or voter then I will read at least 3 chapters of your story, comment, and vote for them, and if I like it enough I'll add to my library and fan. Also if you are the 1,000 vote or my 100th fan I will dedicate a chapter of one of my stories to you. Thanks so much!
Favorite Books:
Percy Jackson Series
The Hunger Games Series
The Maze Runner Trilogy
The Lost Hero Books
The Goose Girl, Enna Burning, and River of Secrets
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