Life Makes the Best Books

I feel the experiences of life creates some of the best writers, whether the genre is fiction or nonfiction:
Agatha Christie, one of the worlds most prolific and successful authors, traveled extensively and those places appear in her mysteries-Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games (magnificent books and movies), was exposed to travel and war tours, wrote for children's television-and m as you can imagine the two extremes resulted in one of the best writers of all time...just my opinion.

I also write from the experiences of my own life, from childhood, through over fifty years of personal experiences that were outside the 'normal' range of a safe and happy life. Although I was told I had talent as a writer in middle school, I did not use that talent until I wrote Torn From the Inside Out.
The Journey and Out of the Maelstrom comprised The Torn Trilogy.

Former childhood trauma victim, adult domestic violence victim and later in life-a domestic violence counselor and Trainer...lastly, an author.
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The Flower Bed of Eden from Torn From the Inside Out (Sara Niles)

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Description: The Flower Bed of Eden is the first chapter of Torn From the Inside Out, memoir of Sara Niles. At the age of 3 1/2, Sara was taken home by an elderly uncle to be raised by he and his elderly wife. From the a...


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