Hi! I'm Sapphire_CrystalHeat!!!!! and I'm a haft pilipino and haft spanish!! um...actually I'm not good in English???...sorry I cant tell my true name??? I'm a little bit awkward everyday? and plusly I'm not good in making story?? I'm always loving adventure! its my dream to adventure whole around the world?
and I've been loving entering contest? I always love blue? my life is little bit awkward and bit strick?

I've just born in spain? but I'm not good in talking spanish and english? sometimes I had wrong grammar? oh and I forgot? You know I'm loving animals? so in my house, I had alot of pets there? some are naughty some are sleepy and some are behave? so thats what my life always been so kindness? my father is caring animals? he teach me how to pet animals? while I grown up I became a good caring animals? and had a GMRC life? well I'm already 16 year old I got very bored everyday? cause my father is away from us to work hard? thats what I do always? in my house without my father...

Weakness Subject: Math

Favorite Element: Water type

Favorite Subject: GMRC (good maners and right conduct)

Awkward: I always said potato when my mind was flying away in my head.
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Sapphire_CrystalHeat Sapphire_CrystalHeat Aug 12, 2015 12:44PM
Guys...as you read this... can you unfollow me... I need to creat my new account... I cant even open my 'Creat' and I cant 'publish' my story... its keep on saying: your 'create' is not responding...
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