You can call me Sam,Manbir,An alien or anything u like I really don't mind.
Well I am from planet a planet named as vohinious and it is in the galaxy you cal a butterfly galaxy but got a different name for it.
You EARTHIANs are quite strange you have divided you little planet into more than 200 counties then hundreds of religions castes then fighting on their names .
The only thing I didn't go with my family to Saturn's moon is the thing you got on earth is your spiritual approach and love.
I found India very much advanced in those above things but my other allies are living in other parts of earth as well trying to wake you all up from from the nightmare you all are living in.
Yes I mean what you'll feel if someone takes out your internal organs out from your body and sucks all blood out out definitely I'll die that same mistake we did that lead our planet to reach the day you cal Armageddon in earth's Bible.
You Earthians are mining the internal organs of your mother Earth which will take millions of years to heal.Earth is like our body you can grow and remove stuff as your body grows hair but if you go deep it'll affect you badly.
So after we found you people messing with this stuff a few decades back we started campaigns on environment and global warming etc.
We survived because of our technology that was million times ahead but you won't be able to reach that level if everything keep going the same way.
My books
If you read and comment and kept on votin I'll give you a ride on my spaceship which is 109 times faster than the speed of light and that means I can take you to the future and I have seen your future which doesn't look ..!?
N yes if you promote my message amongst other EARTHIANS may be I can disclose you the secret of invisibility!

Start saving water,stop mining crude oil and start using green energy and soon your all troubles like the upcoming wars for energy,water etc will be erased from your upcoming future.
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