Hey everybody, I see you have found me -_- 
Guess my ninja skills aren't working well enough

Ok so about me...
- I'm 19

- My favorite color's blue --- because that color's epic

- I LOVE The Vampire Diaries!! -------> Team Stefan (;

- I love to read

- I'm obsessed with music, I love all kinds

- Pandas are AWESOME!!(:

- I over use smiley faces :)

My fav bands are:
- ♥Black Veil Brides♥
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Falling In Reverse
- Eyes Set To Kill
- Escape The Fate
- Cobra Starship

You should go read and vote for Perfection by @bamagirl11 :)

If you want to talk, just PM me!

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BVB Army Member!!!

Members of the BVB army:
We don't like them just for their looks, though they are a plus.
We like BVB for the message they send through their music.
We like BVB for how inspirational their music is.
We like the fact that they stand up for their fans.
We like BVB for who they are, not for what they look like.
♥ BVB army soldier ♥

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Samiisays_987 Samiisays_987 May 08, 2012 01:03AM
@COOKiEMONSTA4LIFE Your welcome! Yep, ronnie is amazing!!(:
      @CageTheBeast No problem! Thanks!(:
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