I haven't used this seriously in a long time but I'm thinking of making a comeback with something I've been working on for fun for about a year now, never thought I'd post it but yeah, things change. Look out for that, I'll probably start posting after I have chance to edit and I've done my exams.

My name is Samii.
I'm 19years old (Nearly 20, fuck I'm old).
From England.
Obsessed with music.
Pansexual~ currently sprawling over the whole bed.
Currently a first year at University studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

Aspiring Screenwriter and Director.


Teenage Icon is being rewritten and posted slowly, I'm not commiting to a schedule or I'll break it, I have enough of an issue remembering to take my pill everyday never mind update.
Forever Young is going on a Hiatus and possibly having a change of name.
Lucky Star as always is on Hold.
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SamasaurusRexx SamasaurusRexx Apr 24, 2014 01:10AM
So I've officially started writing again. I've written the last 3 chapters of Teenage Icon, BUT I haven't written the middle... 
      I know, it's weird but it's helping me to write better by writing the...
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Lucky Star

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Description: -THIS HASN'T BEEN WRITTEN IN AGES, I WILL GO BACK TO IT WHEN EITHER FOREVER YOUNG OR TEENAGE ICON IS FINISHED- Have you ever felt so alone in the world, that you feel you can’t stand to carry on? That’s how Al...


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