Hey everyone!
          	I just wanted to let you guys know I'm FINALLY done with the first edit of Darkest Desire. For those of you who've already read the series and are waiting for updates on Sinful Seduction, you can check it out since there's a lot of added content now that it's in 3rd person, as well as a few new chapters with more Minerva and Fred & George content :)
          	For those of you who haven't read it, it's definitely an improvement (changed it from 1st to 3rd person) from the rough draft, and if you're into Severus Fanfiction or Harry Potter in general, go check it out!
          	Sam out :) 


@BlueSnowleopard_ no worries! The fact that people enjoy my writing is a huge drive and motivate me to continue the story! 


@SamanthaWilde Sorry about all those comments earlier on :)  I was being totally pushy


          	  Hiya, just wondering if you are planning to update. I have really enjoyed these books and I think you are a very talented writer, so I hope you will.  Freya again :)


I am almost finish with the first book of Aurora x Snape, I was just wondering if the 2nd book is already finished? And will the 3rd book be continued? I really like the book so far and I really wish it would be finished soon but no rushing take your time but it has been about 2 years, so yeah. 


Hi Sam! I have read and reread and reread your snape fanfictions, something about the way you write is so unique! I planned reading on some of your other work while I wait for you to update sinful seduction if there's still hope! I understand you're working on your own life with university and a original work you're writing (you go girl!) But I plan to keep checking on the status of sinful seduction cause its too good to not finish reading, even if I have to wait another couple years. Stay safe and good luck with everything ❤


Hey I just finished her story about Alan “the real you” it’s sooo good


Dearest Sam, I just discovered you wrote a Ralph Fiennes fic!! I'm waaaay over the moon! I love that man and reading that you wrote it, I was so happily surprised! I wish you'd write more about him and his character especially since No Time to Die came out and King's Man is about to come out on December.. Well that's about it. I just want to say how happy I am about your stories and extremely glad that you're alright. 


I can't tell you how happy I am to see you're doing well and still writing. Your stories are some of the first fanfictions I have read and I come back to them regularly. Wishing you all the best


I’ve been completely obsessed with the darkest desire series and I just started book 3 and realized it’s not complete! I’m totally slowing my reading pace down so I don’t finish it too quickly. Please don’t give up on this series, it’s truly amazing.


Hii, I hope you are doing okay, I can't wait for a new update on Sinful Seduction!  Is there still hope?


Okay! Hope you get time! I’m glad you’re alive!!!! 
            Love sinful seduction


@snaddysimpasf there is still hope, yes, although it might take a while because besides Uni I also have some original writing I'm working on, so fanfic takes a bit of a backseat there :)