Samantha isn't my real name. My mum's obsessed with internet safety...

I've love to read good books. I hate really predictable books, unless when I'm really stressed and don't want to think much.

I've bought so many books over the years I practically have a library in my room, because I can't bear to throw books out.

I wrote my first attempt at a book when I was seven. Let's just say it was interesting...

I used to have an obsession with Twilight, but now I don't Vampire Diaries is way better. I mean what type of vampire sparkles?!

I write for the fun of it and not because I have to, so it might all be terrible. :D

Other random stuff...
I'm in year 10, just started GCSE's. Let's just say life is pretty busy right now...

I play the flute, grade 5, and am doing music GCSE

I LOVE reading

I am learning mandarin

I love cycling

I live in England, so I apologise if you don't understand my writing, just ask!

Talk to me, I talk back! :)


5,000 reads (X)
7,000 reads (X) OMG! That's all I have to say...
10,000 reads ( )
1,000,000 reads ( ) *probably never get there, but let's see!*


10 votes (X)
50 votes (X)
100 votes (X)
150 votes (X)
200 votes ( )

1 comment (X)
10 comments (X)
50 comments (X)
60 comments (X)
70 comments (X)

no. 533 on the (werewolf) what's hot list!!!!!!!!!!! :D (I'm putting my record here)
no. 943 on the (romance) what's hot list!!!!!

it probably won't work but I'm going to try and update equally

S.W.A.N.N.S is really good.
Just go check it out. You'll be blown away :D

I hope you enjoy all of my books! Comment, and I will reply and answer any questions. Vote, fan have fun! :)
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@awesomepotterhead394 I love Harry Potter! Why else would I write a fan fiction about it?And yes, I have read all the books, multiple times, and seen all the films.Thanks for following me btw :)
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