Hello everyone, it's two years later and I am back. Sorry I made so many of you worry. I'm genuinely touched by all of the messages (many with the theme of "I really hope you're not dead").
          	I feel like I owe you an explanation. *Puts on heavy hat* Some of you might remember that a while ago I alluded to the updates coming late because of a family illness. Unfortunately, it was my father and he had a cancer that eventually took his life. Afterwards, I took some time off from writing and Wattpad and lots of things. *removes heavy hat*
          	I'm finally out of my little sadness cave now, and I think it's time Regan came out of her cave too. First though, it's time to catch up on some of the Wattpad stories I've missed...


@Sam_McGregor  I about squealed when I saw you came back. Don't rush yourself cause I'm more than happy to see you alive and well.


@Sam_McGregor    I'm sorry for your loss. I know you will see your father again after you have done what you need in this life and thanks for coming back to wattpad. Looking forward to Regan's reamergince in book 2. Have fun with it and take your time.


Hello!! Please continue with the darkness girl series! Or well the second book that is!!!! I loved it! You got me hooked, I need moreeeee 


Where are you now that I need ya, I need ya the most. 
          Sam, sam, sam please do something, you're the only person who can save me.....
          Tell me, Are you gonna update any soon?
          **sorry I am being dramatic, I know* But dude are you okay? It's being a long time. Hope you're okay. ;) 
          The story you wrote " darkness girl" it's fantastic. I am hoping that you updated soon.


The sequel, I mean.


Hmmm last time seen in 2016!!


I am genuinely afraid that you're dead and that we'll never find out how Regan's story ends so if your still part of the land of the upright and mobile a little reassurance and a "hello" every now and again would really go a long way. Sincerely yours ..... Dezzy


Hi I'm Elizabeth Cold and you also probably noticed that I am sort of new here but I have a serious question to ask. I really do not want to put pressure on you but, would you be able to answer when Chains of hate will be out. For I honestly did love Darkness Girl and I would love to talk to the characters again like they can actually hear me.

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