Hai hello hai! I am alive! Coming out of the woodwork to let you know that I will be joining a bunch of awesome Wattpad Stars at BookCon 2018 tomorrow for the Wattpad meet and greet at 4:45pm! If you’re in the NY area, come say hi in person and grab an autograph! Also giving away a few free hardback copies of Paladin. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can take advantage of the Wattpad 10% discount code (Wattpad).
          	Heads up that I dyed my hair PLATINUM (yup) so I may be a little hard to recognize. Just look for the wannabe Danaerys.
          	Oh and I’m working on the next update of Tristan! (Plot B of Paladin). Coming at you later tonight!


@SallySlater will Uriel be updated anytime soon? :D says "to be continued" and was last updated Oct 2017. Is Tristan that continuation or is it its own thing entirely?


 You write amazing books... I literally love them... You develop amazing characters and are able to maintain them throughout the book...  I hope that you get recognition for your  works and continue writing such marvelous reads☺


Mae govannen!
          Guess what I found on KindleUnlimited? YES! Paladin! I've read it already, and I'm going to read it again, this time on my kindle!!! I love it so, so, so much!


Hey, y'all! I've set up a website for English Lit books. You can read the books on your phone without having to buy a hard copy. This only applies to books that have been written before 1923. I have full right to put these books on the website.
          The website is called I've posted the link to the website below:

          Please share this website with friends and family who love literature.


To be honest, Paladin is saved in my library a long time now. At first i didn't bother to read it. I only saved it because of the cool book cover (sorry for that) but when i tried to read it just yesterday, i've got hooked up by the plot of the story. The scenes are unpredictable to the point where i'm wanting more. I finished the story in 2 days including sleeping of course, but damn, the epilogue was a cliff hanger. I want more of the story. I hope you'll update the sequel soon, i'm really rooting for that.  And yeah, paladin is a hella good story.


Hello Sally, I am truly mesmerized by your ability to express yourself while writing and I am deeply engaged in the Paladin series, but was extremely saddened when I saw that you haven't updated it for quite a while now. I would greatly appreciate it if you continued the story (I'm dying to know how it will end). Please, please finish the book, dont leave me hanging in the middle. Also I want you to know that you are an extremely talented and blessed writer. Love you!!!


Hey SallySlater I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Paldian series. I really would like to know when you are planning on updating Uriel.
          Thanks for reading this

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