Hi I love this website/app gives me a place 2 write and get feedback. I like to write fantasy but I have a lot of trouble finishing a story but I hope you'll like wat I give unexpericed writer and all!

Read my books T.N.S and Wolf among Wolves & dont forget to COMMENT! VOTE! FAN!

What I think about the authors on wattpad(including me lol):

We all have a fan-complex were we want to be hated because we end chapters with cliffhangers.
We like them to suffer while we live our lives until the next update in our stories.
We like to gloat that we have a lot of fans.
We like giving virtual sweets.
We ♥ our fans!

Why I write stories(sometimes):
I read a story with an awsome plot but its written horribly wrong.
So I come up with a similar plot but different story line direction.
Ends up so diifferent it becomes awsome.
So I would like to thank people for giving me chances to write cool stuff!
(i am not plagiarizing you haters lol :3)

For all those extreme emo kids(and a online-gamer friend of mine):

Death will not make you happy. It will just make you dead.

My favorite quote from 'Gokusen' :


"You a gangster?

You think you'll just go for an interview and become a made man?

No way you could be a wise guy.

I liked to see how such a butt ugly, jerk off, punk a$$, wuss, who has no brains, no spine, no guts, and no balls could become a gangster.

Sure I could see some clan giving you work as an expendable hitman, but even if you were boiled to death or left floating in some harbor,

The cheapest freaking tabloid wouldn't give a crap!"

I LOVE IT! ♥♥♥
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Sakura1233 Sakura1233 Apr 20, 2016 04:49AM
I just want to thank you all for reading my books. I never thought I would have this many followers on wattpad or even anything. So again thank you very much! ❤
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