If you are reading any of my works, please know that updates take a while because I get nasty writer's blocks from time to time or all inspiration goes to one fanfic only.

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Stories by SakineMieko
The Monstrel (Levi x OC) by SakineMieko
The Monstrel (Levi x OC) Fanfiction
Eliza was different from everyone, she is despised because of what her parents did. When she is five, Eliza has had enough of the constant hate, and runs away. (There is cursing, but I don't consider cursing to be...
Ask Me Anything! by SakineMieko
Ask Me Anything! Random
Ask me anything! About me, would I rather, just whatever, and I will answer to the best of my ability, and as honestly as possible! (I'm probably going to be repeating questions I get because I don't have the driv...
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