Name: Mara Stryder
Age: 3486 (appears to be 18/19)
Appearance: Tall, well trained with wiry muscles, pale, light hair that reaches her chin. Cold blue eyes. Long dark copper nails.
Personality: Quiet.
Organisation: An underground member of the Novus Luna clan.
Race: Shadeling
Job: Border control, unit chief. Nighthuntress (Nattjägarinna)
Ability: Nightfear (Nattfasa)
Best friend: Eleohn Neimah
Other information: Mara is the last of the inhabitants from Star Valley, and is also the only one to have the Nightfear ability.
The Shadelings (Skuggländare), are the people who used to live in Star Valley. When they actually lived there, they were better known as the Skywatchers. They left Star Valley after the three great wars of Gaia (the world they live in!), when Star Valley had become a mass-burial ground.

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