Hey guys! Welcome to my account! Just know my inbox is open to anyone so DM me if you want a friend or to vent bros!

(I have too many friends on here to count but they know who they are even if we haven't spoken in a while lol)

Fandoms: (not in alphabetical order bc I'm lazy like that)

- DC(mostly YJ tho)/MCU
- Anime(TPN, Soul Eater, AOT, SDS, OHSHC, Haikyuu!, H x H, Fire Force, etc.)
- Netflix originals(She-ra, Carmen Sandiego, VLD, TDP, The Hollow, etc.)
- Broadway Musicals(Hamilton, Heathers, BMC, The Prom, and Mean Girls are my main ones)
- and more that aren't on the top of my head! (ex. The Two Princes Podcast, the fandoms of webcomics/lightnovels, etc.)

Hope you like and enjoy my stories everyone!!!

Tumblr: saffire-writes.tumblr.com
AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Saffire30
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