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I don't really like writing bios because if you really wanted to know something about me, then you could always just ask me.
But just for the fun of it:
=According to my background and my {previous} profile pic, it is very safe to assume that my favorite color is B.L.U.E.!! And any type of blue for that matter; including teal and indigo
=Yes, my real name is Sabrina and Yes, you can refer to me as that. Or any other type of nickname you would like to give me. I won't mind: just nothing too ridiculously insane that I would have no idea that you were referring to me
=I will update when I see fit to write more of myself

Back to the actual website and such...I absolutely love love LOVE reading! So if you have an amazing story or a simple chapter or any kind of read you'd like me to take a chance at...let me know!! I'll always get back to you and let you know what I think. I'll never be too rude or mean but I'm always honest.
"There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism, when it comes from someone you care." ~Me

I have recently really wanted to begin publishing my writing and such on here but I have not had time....Yes, education sometimes is an unfortunate burden *sighs* But hopefully starting this summer, I will have more access and free time to have actual continuous updated stories going on. I have many wondrous ideas, I just have to get them written down X'D
In that case, even though I am not writing my own stories at the moment, does not mean that I do not have time to edit other stories. I am and have always been a grammar freak, and I will always find time to edit any chapters as soon as you would need me to.

I also have an account on Goodreads, in case you'd like to compare books and have a geeky chat on any stories we might have read...

P.S. Thanks in advance for all the follows...I will always follow-back!
P.P.S. I adore dedications *hint hint* ..... until then

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So I had no idea that there was a "private" library.....now I have to take like a week off to move all those books from my public library to my public reading lists then
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