Well, I'm a fun loving person. I love to read, weird I know. I like to have fun, but I'm resonabe on what. I don't like backstabbers, or liars. I like to write, but sometimes it doesn't turn out the best. Lol=) 

Hello everyone! My name is Becca and I am Sabrina's younger sister by 19 months and I totally hacked her. :D (jk jk she left it up even after I told her she should ALWAYS log off or I would do stuff like this to her. :D) So.. I just wanted to say that she is fuckkin awesome! and really nice. :) she has a very nice/ unique personality just like me. She is currently single... ;P lol jk she's been datin a duder since like 2011 O.o xD and loves to dance and sing! Well, that is all folks. :P hope, you enjoyed this little bio thingy. :D Adios amigos! (written and hackkked by @Becca97 :P <3 <3
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For anyone who is uncomfortable or doesn't like my stories I'm sorry but I'm not changing them, I'm not taking them down, and I'm most likely going to ignore your comment all together. I have more li...
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