Well im fun to be around I'm crazy sometimes ima bit of a dreamer when it comes to life I'm single and loving life I have 2 friends Shayla and Emma they will be in my storys a lot..!!(: if u wanna chat or txt me just hit me up on Facebook at Savannaha Rose Smith..(: txt me..?? Msg me..?? I'm a bit dumb but thts just me don't like wait in line with the rest of the bitches waiting for.me to give a f*ck lol I have blue eyes,black hair/my nose Pirced..(: soon to be lip I'm laugh a lot but I hate ny vocie my faviorte color is black and white..(: I'd u need to know more look me up on Facebook Savannaha Rose Smith..(:  I dont bite to hard(: and im me im unique..!! Im very clumsy so dont hand me eanthing thts fragile or can be broke!! uhh i  cutt ive tried suicide 3 times..
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SaViiLoVeSyOu123 SaViiLoVeSyOu123 Aug 15, 2012 02:42PM
@NickiLovatic im in love with it!!
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My Life ~~ True Story</3

My Life ~~ True Story</3

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My life and what i have been through since i was little..

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