So, I've posted up the opening part of HALF BAD. It's in six chapters. I hope you read it and enjoy it. 
          	I'll be posting up more information about Nathan and the Half Bad world he lives in next.


I don't know if you're still active here but I just read though Half Lost in one night and I don't know how to feel, tbh I'd probably do the same thing in the end if I was Nathan. 


So I just wanted to tell you that, me and a bunch of friends all enjoyed your book at our school library. And then one day I was looking at the wattpad official account and I see half bad there and so I just pause. Freak out and tell everyone. It was amazing.


I love your books, please tell me there is a sequel for The Smoke Thieves,  Im obsessed with that book and i need to know what happens next


I've read the smoke thieves and I loved it so I started reading the half bad trilogy. I'm up to half wild. Love all ur books they r amazing!!! I can't believe that I can actually tell u this!!! Do u have any suggestions for my first book Nightmare Jar? I'm only up to chapter 2


I am reading The Smoke Thieves right now and an obsessed with it! It is spurring my imagination and I have to distract myself so that I don't read all day!


Hello! OMG OMG!! I am a HUUUUGE fan of your books!! You are my favourite author!! I have been dancing around my house for an hour because I'm so happy! I didn't even know you were on here! I really just have to say you are so amazing! I was planning on asking if you were doing any new books or spin-offs but now I know you're working on more!! My life has just been made!! I hope to see you in Wales sometime in the future. Because you could bet I'd be there .. Sorry for being so overwhelming 


Even now, months after reading Half Lost, I still start crying if I think about the ending too long. Like, properly crying. That’s a little sad, I know. Anyway, thank you for creating such a beautiful, cruel series. At least I can read fanfics where there are alternate endings, right? XD


The ending to the Half Bad troliogy... I was like "why?". I, also, have to admit I did cry a little. For the most part my heart shattered into tiny little pieces when I read the ending.