Love it uwu ♥️


          hello lovely!       during these rough 
          times, it’s nice to get some positive 
          energy out there.       so here’s your 
          challenge,  love yourself!      please 
          smile bright!   you’re beautiful just 
          as you are!      you shouldn’t live to 
          meet anyone’s standards. keep in 
          mind that if someone doesn’t love 
          you for you, they’re not worth your 
          time. shine like the damn star you 
          are! you’re doing great! even when
          times get rocky, i encourage you to
          keep going! i love you and you have 
          a friend right here if you need it! ♡
          - lizzie ! ♡


@I134340I i really needed that. Tysm:)


          hi there!
          i see you have stumbled across my account 
          and decided to boop that follow button!
          thank you for following love!
          beware i love to shout my love for bts and 
          the wonderful lovelies on this app!
          remember that you are a beautiful person 
          and deserve all the love in the world! you 
          are worthy of everything! ♡
          don’t be shy, let’s be friends!
          i love you! have a wonderful day! 
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- ̗̀   ◛₍₁₎    ̖́- 
          ⌗ ─ message from sai !  ༉‧₊
          hi love! i’m so so so sorry i haven’t sent my daily messages in a few days— haha i’ve been pretty tired :(  but hey, i’m here now! here is my daily message to make you smile once again <3  girl- don’t EVER let ANYONE put you down or make you feel bad about yourself because you shouldn’t ever feel that way about yourself. be confident in yourself, love yourself, be happy, be strong! tell yourself that you are the most beautiful. look in the mirror and don’t call yourself ugly and don’t bring yourself down, or make you feel bad about the way you look, because everyone looks different. everyone is beautiful in their own ways, so are you. don’t ever think you’re ugly, because you’re not. you’re the MOST beautiful, i promise. others may not think that, you may not think that way either, but i do. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 
          anyways hehe i hope my sweet message made you smile and be happy! always stay strong baby, i love you! <3
          ↳˚.  @sanfilmz  ˘͈ᵕ˘͈