I'm just a speck of dust travelling a never ending path across the cosmos. Though time to time I stop for coffee.

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Born in Nottingham and raised throughout the district. I'm a big Sci-Fi fan drawn into the genre by tv like the original series of battlestar galactica and streethawk when I was a nippa. Anne mc caffrey is one of my favourite fantasy writers with the epic dragons of pern series of books. I also love hitchhikers guide to the galaxy novel and Stargate I have always wanted to give writing and illustration a serious go so here I am. The first book I am taking seriously and spend way too much time thinking about is the vampires of mars, its pure pleasure to write and for me to read myself.
I have always loved art and science particularly theoretical physics and astronomy, fills the mind of possibilities beyond our understanding and helps make great books and TV the world over.

The first work piece is a heartfelt poem however please feel free to re visit for updates on my other stories etc,
Book 1 The Vampires of Mars
Finally when reading my works it would be very helpful if you leave feedback about errors and possible improvements that I could make to help the stories flow.

Thank you for all your support :)
David A Stark Senior

All artwork, photographs and written works are accredited solely to myself. STARXDESIGN belongs to me so hands off.
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And of course I go by STARXDESIGN http://wattpad.com/STARXDESIGN on wattpad

Happy reading, writing and creating to all.
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I've been away for a while but now I am back to review and continue with The Vampires of Mars story which so far seems to be going well. 
      So thanks for reading and enjoy my new stuff as it comes.
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The Vampires of Mars

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Description: In this first draft Join Maximilian Hunter and his father Jonas on a foolish quest to complete an ancient puzzle, only to unwittingly put earth's fate into the hands of a vampire alien race. What horrors will...


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The Darkest Day

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