im in love with alexa demie 


@SOFTPRADA she’s so hot for no reason 


hi sweetie! ♡ ♡ ♡
           hope i’m not disturbing you, but i just would like to announce that i finally decided to post a stucky x character fanfic and i would love for you to go check it would.
          i also would like to advise that the story may have some “brutal” topics and if you’re a sensitive reader it wouldn’t really be a good choice for you to read it. 
          butttt, if you’re all up for some real drama i think you would enjoy this fanfic very much! 
          hope you like it, and if you’re not looking forward into the story i thank you too for your time and attention! 
          xoxo, angel <3


hiiii, how are you, hope your staying safe and drinking water, are you planning on releasing any new books cos your writings impeccable ❤️


omg thank you so much❤️ but im sorry I won’t be writing anymore I barely ever use the app anymore but thank you for the support !! 


thank you so much !!! 


Hey I was wondering if you could check out my book poison and give your honest feedback I’m extremely rusty on my writing and Wattpad entirely. It’d be greatly appreciated