Hello guys! I really went out here and lost my old account, i guess you could say I'm a bit irresponsible? oh well, that's fine! 

Uhm, as for my works/stories,

I obviously only have one up at the moment, a fan-fiction, I like it, it's cute, Broken Little Angel, you should read it. Or don't, it's whatever!

Then there's Angel On Fire? They have no relation but I love both the books.

I will say this: Everything i do is very pinpointed out and kind of crazy, but still well planned. Not the point... I am a perfectionist so everything I do is well thought of and 100% of my effort it put into whatever I do. So yeah.

I will be re-branding my whole account, and my books, so there's that! FUN, okay, bye guys.

love, Ximena
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