Hell-o! I'm S. G. Crowmoore, most commonly known as Gigi. I'm known for leaving walls of text in my wake on the IYW threads and talking way too much about music. I'm awkweird, a metalhead to the core, and I do some trolling and meme-ing on the side. 

I love writing to rock and metal music unless I'm in the mood for some orchestra, Spanish or Japanese pop rock. Imagine my playlist on shuffle and you've already gotten a good look inside my head: a little crazy, but full of inspiration. <3

If you ever want to see my band list, just PM me and we can talk for DAYSSS! 8D [I love finding new bands 'cause I'm so picky.]

Twitter: @SG_Crowmoore
Kik: @ sg.crowmoore
NaNoWriMo: @ S. G. Crowmoore

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1) The Craving* | Completed
> Second draft
> Undergoing revision for re-outlining, worldbuilding & rewriting
2) Sanctus Infernalis | DELETED
> Undergoing revision for re-outlining & rewriting
3) Chronicles of a Hypermutant | Coming Soon!
> Science-Fiction/Fantasy
> #NaNoWriMo Novel
> Second-ish Draft COMING 2017!
> Progress: 66K words

[these projects are not outlined or anything; they're just ideas]
> Prayer of an Atheist - [non-fiction]
> The Banshee and the Lamb - [general fiction/adventure/LGBT romance]
> Reverse Vamp Theory - [short story]
> Craving Immunity - [The Craving's sequel]
> [Unknown]* - [paranormal horror]

[* = want to screenwrite]

> "Writing is hard." -Chuck (Supernatural)
> "If you can type a question in the comments, you can also type it in Google search." -jacksfilms (YouTuber)
> "Shut your dick holster." - Archer
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Dear Readers,I don't know if anyone will ever read this because I never notify you guys, buuut...There are apparently some people upset because Sanctus Infernalis was deleted from Wattpad. I sort o...
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Story by ☠ "Stewie Griffin" Crowmoore | Gigi ☠
The Craving [scrappin' for parts] by SG_Crowmoore
The Craving [scrappin' for parts] Vampire
The last thing Kyle remembers is running out of the woods with a screechy voice in his head telling him to run for his life. But when he starts having weird blackouts and waking up covered in blood, he starts quest...
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