Simple but elegant
As a necklace from a lover.
Rarely of people is like you.
Amiability you've shown inspired this
Heart of mine.

Jolly is you why there is no reason to be in solitude, being
Admirable that comforts and being
Nimble is nice to see in you.
Extraordinary joy I feel when I'm with you and no words can

Express how much I treasure you since the day I knew you.

Beauty is all I can see in you and its hard to
Explain why you are so special. but I know that I'm still in
Reality not in dream.
Money, gold or any wealth can't replace you in my life because
All I know is you are a
Supercalifragilisticespialidocious creation of GOD.. :)

Watashi wa Sarah desu. Marikina Kara Kimashita. Dozou yoroushiku Onegaishimasu! :)

I'm a child of GOD :)


YOU?? Haha!

I'm a music lover though music doesn't love me. CHAROT! XD

Isa lamang po akong hamak na estudyante (pero 3rd year college na :p) na hindi masipag magsulat, pero mahilig mag-imagine ng kwento. Haha!

I used to write a story when I am,... bored? not really. I always find time to write a story. :) Hmm.. maybe when I'm alone, sad or inspired. :) Kaya lang nakaka-ngawit talaga mag-type! hahaXD

I usually write a story about LOVE, MUSIC, FRIENDSHIP, and LIFE :) syempre.. To INSPIRE other people. Yun naman talaga kalimitang reason why writers wrote a very nice story Eh.. Di ba? :p

I'm not a writer.. I just LOVED writing :)

At ayun! Natagpuan ko ang isang mahiwagang WATTPAD kung saan nabibilang ang hilig ko. Mwuahahahahaha! XD Hindi na ako mapapagod masulat. Mapapagod nga lang sa pagta-type. Haha! :p Atleast save na ang tinta ng ball pen at pages ng papel ko. Aksayado naman sa kuryente? >____< WAAAAAAAH!! Pero okay lang masaya naman eh! *wink* :D

Sana makagawa pa ako ng more story. Syempre, MOre story MOre fun daba? <3

Sana kayo din para madami pa ako mabasa :) *kindat*

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