Hello!! Well, I guess this is the part where I talk about how awesome I am and stuff:)
Okay, here goes nothing:

My name is Kierstynn and I'm 17! So, I write stories (obviously ha) and I run Cross Country:) I am not very fast, but I love to run! I also love food-- food and exercise is a deadly combination-- and I will eat whether I'm hungry or not hah sweets and cute boys are my weaknesses and I love my friends to death! I am currently in love with Glee (yes, I am indeed a Gleek) and the Glee Project, and I'm also sort of a Ghost Adventures junkie haha(: I always get made fun of for that, but it's a great show and I would recommend it to everyone!!!!!(: my hope one day is to become either a doctor or something in the medical field and yeah!

Read my junk and comment(: loves ya! <3

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RunnerGirl2013 RunnerGirl2013 Oct 30, 2011 02:09AM
Thaaaaanksss girl(: haha im gonna change it to one from the Bret Michaels concert :D
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