(just check my profile after August 1st, it will be back to normal by then, I promise.)(and don't be scared by the caps, I'm just enthusiastic)

I've sent out a message to all of my followers, but for others that get pointed in this direction, this is for you.

The message already sent out:
I want to get some feedback from you guys. I don't even know if anyone cares about or reads my book. So to get that from you, I'm going to have a contest!

Here's the deal;
In my reading lists, I have 9 categories (Star Wars, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Robin Hood/Merlin, Batman, Avengers, and Reading List/Originals).
You can submit your story into one of those nine categories to enter. Then, once I have all of the entries, I will select three of my favorites from each category. Those 27 stories will receive awards, such as "Best plot" or "Best book to weep over".
Basically, you get the joy of reading my funny superlatives for your book and free advertising if you win

To enter:
You have to either comment on any chapter of my story, Between the Raindrops, or send me a message of your opinion of my book.
It can be about literally anything. You can point out a typo, fangirl over a character, tell me my book is a piece of shit, I DONT CARE! I just want feedback.
Once you respond in some way to my book, send me a message telling me which book you want entered into the contest. I'll start a list, and if its a story I haven't read yet, I will read it

Due Date!: August 1st, 2015

If your story is already in my reading list (yay for you!), it won't be entered in the contest unless you respond to BTR (sorry...)"

So does everybody understand that? If not, send me a message.
My profile will be back up after this contest, so no need to fear! I'll be back
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Fandoms Collide: Funny Stories for All

Fandoms Collide: Funny Stories for All

2 0 0

What happens when you have Gandalf, Abraham Lincoln, Katniss Everdeen, Four, and Harry Potter? Insanity...

      MY CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!
      All you procrastinators (don't worry, I'm one of you) need to get it together and enter! I'll accept entries tomorrow, but no later!!!
      I plan on posting the funny superlatives on Sunday, August 2nd (unless my procrastinative self takes over)
      So many people have told me that they were interested, but I never got their entries! I accept entries after you give me your feedback on my story, Between The Raindrops!!!
      And if you guys are worried about the original restriction on the number of stories I would accept, I have no where near that number, so you should enter! And be amazing! Because everyone on here is amazing!
      So in short, you don't have that much longer to enter my contest, and you should because you, personally, are an amazing person.
Hey! Reminder to enter my contest!!! Last day to take entries is August 1st!! Details are still in my profile if you want to enter!
      Do you guys ever think of one awesome line of dialogue, and then write a whole scene around it? I've been doing that lately, and now I have a ton of little short chapters that don't make much sense. Oh well
Should also mention!!! I'm not sure if people have been voting or not on certain chapters (I think they've gone up) but if you have thanks so much!
      But sadly, I haven't figured out how to see who votes for me yet :(
      So I can't count it for my contest :((
      Honestly, I value feedback more than popularity so in a way, I'd rather you give me a bad review than a chapter vote (I'm weird, I know)
      Just thought I would mention that!
Hey! Your daily reminder to enter my contest! I've gotten many people who have said that they were interested, which is AMAZING!!
      Next step for those people is to read my book, Between The Raindrops! It doesn't matter how much you read, as long as you comment somewhere on it. Or if you don't want to comment, send me a message with your opinion on what you read.
      After you send me your feedback, let me know which of your stories you want to enter and TA DA! You're in!!
      I'll see you guys all tomorrow, for your daily dose of pestering!
Hi everyone!
      My contest ends on August 1st, which is this Saturday!!!
      I'm so happy with the people entered already! Even just a simple comment completely makes my day! And I hope to repay everyone who enters with an amazing superlative for their story!
      So if you want to enter, you have ONE WEEK to go check out my profile and get all the details! The more stories that are entered, the funnier the superlatives will be!
      And I'm not going to be limiting by category anymore, unless I get like 9,000,000 more entries. But I'll still group them by category.
      Thanks so much guys! I love you all so much!
      I feel like I'm becoming super annoying with all of this mindless advertising of my contest, but I promise its for a good reason!
      This is kinda my big push to get my story out there. I don't like to advertise, I find it annoying and tiresome. So after this big contest, you probably won't hear much from me except for chapter updates on my story. I figured if people get hooked now, they'll stay hooked hopefully?? And maybe spread the word around??? *wink wink*
      With school and such starting up soon, I won't have much time to be on here, so if I update it will be a miracle as is. So this contest is probably your only chance to participate in something with me!
      I would love if some fan fiction writers would enter, seeing as how the categories are more fan fiction related (NOT EXCLUDING ORIGINALS OF COURSE! THERE IS A CATEGORY FOR YOU). I realize that my story isn't a fan fiction of any kind, which turns people off. But I shall reveal a secret for you guys...
      I plan on writing a series.
      When I'm not working on the latest chapter on BTR, I'm writing fan fiction. So as soon as BTR is at an end, a multi-genre fan fiction series sill take place.
      Look forward to that, and if you're interested in my contest then check out my profile! It has all the details that you would need. And if you still don't have enough details, then message me! I've been on more recently, harassing people and such. You should help karma out and harass me back!
      Gosh my messages are getting longer.