So this seems like a good time to change up the profile!
So... this is my profile... yeah...

Name: RumourHasIt (RHI)

Fandom: Uh... basically everything. If I have a reading list about it, I belong to it. Now, I can't guarantee I'm an expert in all of them, but I get the idea of them. You can also add Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, John Green (yes, he's a fandom), and certain youtubers to that list of fandom as well

Music Interests: The Strypes (CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT NOW!), Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, Pentatonix, Maroon 5, Train...I listen to music as much as I read basically

If you found your way over to my little corner of the internet, then CONGRATS!!!!! WE HAVENT HAD VISITORS IN AGES!!
No, but srsly tho, please stay for a bit I'm lonely. I'm usually around to message if you want to talk. But be warned, I might not respond immediately at first.

I've written one story, Between The Raindrops, which is my only contribution to this site (Oh that other story? Fandoms Collide? Yeah, you can ignore that... dark things go in there...)
I would love some feedback about it if you have some time! My plan for that story is to use it as a backstory for my character, Shay. After it's done, I plan on publishing a lot of different fan fics about her, but she needs a back story first.

Gosh I haven't made a new profile in a LONG time... it's exhausting.

I hosted a contest a bit ago, not sure if I will host another. It's kinda fun, but only if there are a lot of entries. Oh well.

I am determined to make this 2000 characters long, so it will be just as epic as my last profile.
So far, so bad.

I've been trying to be more social on here, so if I become bothersome with my messages, then sorry.

If anyone needs an editor, I can spot check things, like spelling and sentence structure if you want. Message me maybe.

Gosh, how did I ever get to 2000 last time?

If you follow me, I'll follow you back. And send annoying messages to all my followers.

You guys are awesome.
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Between The Raindrops

Social data: 88 reads. 4 votes. 13 comments.

Description: Whoever is reading this, stop for a moment and decide if you really want to continue... So, I assume that, since you are reading this very sentence, you are taking the risk. You're leaving your fears behind and deciding to take a chance. Who knows...

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Fandoms Collide: Funny Stories for All

Fandoms Collide: Funny Stories for All

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What happens when you have Gandalf, Abraham Lincoln, Katniss Everdeen, Four, and Harry Potter? Insanity...

I'm so stressed out and I don't even know what about...
      Writers block still in full swing, also paired with homework
      I'm absolutely in love with it, it's much better than the one I had previously. But I can't take any credit for it, all of the praise goes to PriscillaWritez!! She did an amazing job with it and deserves all the praise it gets! So make sure to check her out!
Okay guys...I did it.
      I had a complete YOLO moment (I know, I'm ashamed of myself) and entered BTR in the Wattys.
      So I guess all I can say now it... spread it around? Tell everyone and anyone about it. And best of luck to everyone already entered in it.
      And update on the writers block: I wrote an attention getter for the speech, now I just need to connect it... which is harder than it sounds. Any and all remedies for this horrible disease would be appreciated. I'm hoping ill be cured before school becomes too much so I can get the next chapter out, but don't be on the edge of your seats.
I tried to read danisnotonfire fan fiction... it did not end well...
      Guess it's time to go dig myself out of my speech writers block then!
Sorry for the double notification, I'm being social today.
      Has anyone had any experience with the Wattys? I'm considering entering BTR, but I'm not sure if it has to be complete/if my story is on that level.
      Any advice or explanations? I would appreciate it
Ugh... trying to write a speech for BTR for Harry to give, but it's not working... speech class never prepared me for this!