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Name: RumourHasIt (well no duh) or sometimes RHI

What I Write: What don't I write? I am currently working on Between The Raindrops, which I am putting on here as I write it. So please go check it out? It would mean a lot to me! I would really appreciate any forms of feedback on it, so feel free to tell me anything!

The Fuuuuture (said like SpongeBob) : After BTR, I plan on writing a fan fiction series that I basically already have written out. But BTR needs to be done first, so I will put that on here once it's done! But what fandom, you might ask?

Fandom: So basically if I read about it, I belong to it. Or at least I understand it enough to read about it. If you have a story I might be interested in, let me know and ill check it out! Fan fiction-wise, I enjoy Star Wars, Batman (and Gotham City villains), The Avengers (crossing over of comic companies, I know! So scandalous!), Robin Hood, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, certain Youtubers (Phan)Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural... basically almost anything. If I forgot to list something, then know that I sincerely apologize and hope that that fandom doesn't flay me alive.

Writing Schedule: I know, all new for me! But I want to be stricter on myself about writing. So starting in November, I plan on posting a new chapter every Friday. And if I don't have it done in time, then I will take requests to write about any topic you guys want and post it in Fandoms Collide, that other book I have. It can be about anything; if I think DC or Marvel is better, what classes I take at school, how crappy I am at videogames. Whatever.

IF YOU WANT FRIENDS ILL BE YOUR FRIEND! I PROMISE I DONT BITE! I'll follow anyone who follows me! But I can't guarantee I won't send random messages out of the blue. Because that happens a lot. Sorry not sorry ;)

I can do minor editing for someone if they want help. Or review summaries, chapters, stuff. Message me maybe?

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Fandoms Collide chapter is up, I wrote about my musical inspiration for writing (although I kind of got off topic) Feel free to check it out.
      Now to try and work on the next chapter! (in which I qui...
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