The only things you need to know right now:

Between The Raindrops is down right now and I'm not sure if I will post it on here again. Sorry, but it's how it is.

The Quote book thing I'm trying to do will stay up, go there to discuss different quotes and what they mean to you and yada yada yada

I'm coming back with fanfiction instead of originals, so I'll probably start posting that with a consistent schedule (helps when you already have 100+ pages written)

Man, stuff I changing right now. Hopefully followers will stick with me, and maybe if enough people pester me, BTR will get put back up. Who knows.

I know it's not the full 2000 characters, but I'll work on this later
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    Feb 21, 2013 10:07PM
RumourHasIt RumourHasIt Jul 06, 2016 02:15PM
Sorry to all the people who enjoyed Between The Raindrops, but I'm taking it down this morning.
            I might post it back up in the future, but I'm not sure, so please don't wait for it.
            This isn't beca...
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Between The Raindrops

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Description: This story has been removed, sorry to all the loyal readers. See @RumourHasIt 's page for more info. --------------------------------------------------------------- The beautiful cover was made by PriscillaWri...


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