My heart goes out to every Nigerian here I'll keep praying for you. 
          	We'll conquer the atrocities. #ENDSARSNOW.


@RubytheWritrix Medase sweetie I miss visiting Ghana o very cool place. I also started writing a book too


@RubytheWritrix Thank you


Hey Ruby❤️,
          Nice to meet you
          I'm Melissa
          Could you please check out my book TAMED
          It's Ghanaian themed and I'm sure you'll love it
          Thanks : )


Hey there
          I wrote a really cool book called IN MY SHOES. I would really appreciate it if you could maybe give the book a read. Any feedback in comments or votes would be much appreciated. If you are too busy then that is fine as well. I totally understand. 
          I attached the link for the book below if you want to check it out. Have a great day further


Have you realised how on wattpad the really good books don't get reads. I'm not just talking about the book having a good plot. Grammar, vocabulary everything is intact. I showed this book to my mentor one time and he was impressed with it. I only screenshot a paragraph of a chapter to him He was like; wow, this is amazing and I couldn't agree any less. But you know one thing, the curse on wattpad that doesn't allow good books to be recognised is having full effect.
          This book has it all. You want Romance, you got it, you want a sense of deja vu, wisdom, want to learn new vocabulary, you got it. Why not binge read a book that will give you all these in an hour or even less. I promise you all this book is the best book there is. Heck this book is the best book on wattpad and I don't care what y'all say. if you don't believe me, read it and testify for yourself. 
          And while doing that, don't forget to share to your friends and all your family members.
          I don't normally do but this book deserves it.
          Thank you all while you read and God bless you @heidi1504, for creating this masterpiece which will soon be a bestseller❤❤


@heidi1504 You deserve this and more, honestly but thank you too❤❤


@RubytheWritrix I think you are way too kind with your praises. I am truly humbled by your words and gesture. I have to say that encouragement coming from someone like you who is a gem of a person means a lot to me. And to add to that you are a writer who weaves a beautiful story yourself and have been published by Amazon leaves me wordless. Thank you for your kindness.
            Lots of love and wishes. 
            ~xoxo, Heidi


Just updated Chapter 49 of my book defying Desires. Don't forget to read and show support. Thank you all.